Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Do you remember your headmaster? three feet
cane in hands, loving,
care and instant executer for misbehaviour.
Eventhough harsh, his aim
was your better future.Nowadays Indian
cricket team get a headmaster
like coach with cane in hands- none other
than Mr.Greg 'Great'
After a successfull stint former coach
John Wright flew away
to the land of kivis. But Indian cricket
team are lucky.we got another
good one.
For Chappel every cricketer is equal. He never
see discrimination
among them. this Australian give
importance to kerala lad Sreesanth as
sachin or sourav.
Every cricket lovers can understand
this attitude from the
conditioning camp for indian team
probables at National Cricket
Academy, Bangalore.
56 years old australian coach's motto
is importance should be given to
team other than individuals. A star
player who is only the part of
'Men In Blue', according Chappel.
About Sachin's injury Chappel said that
the team should seek another
genious insted of Sachin.
He also directed Sachin to report
in the ongoing camp at Bangalore
before it concludes july 18.
Fittness and minimising injuries are
the recurring themes of new
Indian coach.
for this he receives great help from
trainer Gregory
King and consultant physio Andrew
Leipus. Indian team probables camp
has a kangaru touch also.
players ,especially fastbowlers had been
helped by bowling legent Dennis Lilly who
has been in Chennai for many
years at M.R.F Pace Academy.
There is a Kinesiologist expert- Dr.
Charles Krebs.
Scientific coaching approach of Chappel
have been appreciated by
media and keen sports lovers.
Will rigurous training and yoga help
Team India? what ever it may be
Indian Team is Indian Team.
They reach at Everest of victory
and fell
in to deep see. The light of joy always
has been overshadowed by
unbelivable failure- that's Bangal Tiger's
roaring group.
Team will
leave for Sreelanka on July 22 where
they play traingular oneday
tournament. Third team is sans Brian Lara
Westindies. so final birth
we alreaday confirmed.
Just wait for few many days for team
declaration; wonder may happen.
Some lazy players in Team India will have
been expelled by fresh
Chappel never mind about the
colour of cat;but he only think
about how to catch rat. With this mavoist
theory how long Chappel can


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it is really a memmorable piece
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sorry for the late comment.because
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